Zaur Ramazanov: "Neftchi" and "Araz-Nakhchivan" are similar- INTERVIEW

6 December 2023 10:17
Zaur Ramazanov: "Neftchi" and "Araz-Nakhchivan" are similar- INTERVIEW

Veteran football player Zaur Ramazanov's interview to website

- The 15th round of the Azerbaijan Premier League is over. How would you rate the current situation in the championship?

- There is a neck and neck competition between the teams. A situation has arisen where one finds it difficult to know the power level of some clubs. Nevertheless, there are clubs that are advancing for the championship, aiming only to collect points.

- "Qarabag" won its next victory in the reporting round and is 4 points ahead of its closest follower "Zira". Could we say that it will be hard to stop them?

- "Qarabag" is one of the teams that showed a stable game in the championship. Therefore, it may be difficult to keep the Aghdam club. "Zira" club may lose points again.

- "Araz-Nakhchivan" and "Sabail" had a good start to the season, they were counting victories. But in the last rounds, they seem to be on the decline. Do you think they will be a “headache” for the leaders again?

- "Sabail" has a shortage of players. This is confirmed by head coach Shahin Diniyev himself. They don't have a few football players. Overall, the team is in a losing position. In my opinion, "Sabail" can recover after the winter. Probably everything will be fine once the injured players come back. He does not show a stable game in "Araz-Nakhchivan". Even if he wins today, he may lose tomorrow. The main reason for this is that it is a new team and things like this will improve over time.

- But what is missing for "Neftchi" to play stably and what should it do for a turning point?

- "Neftchi" is like "Araz-Nakhchivan". "Black and white" coaches change often. Each new coach puts forward his own idea and forms the team. If they continue with Adrian Mutu, they will need time to come to their senses. The main reason why "Neftchi" cannot show a stable game is the head coach, frequent changes of players, adaptation of new players, etc. factors such as.

- Can we name the teams for Euro cubs after the 15th round, or is it too soon?

- I think it is still early. But I see only one team as the champion. This is "Qarabag". I can't say anything about the winner of the second and third place.

Banuchichek Huseynli