Head coach of the Kazakhstan national team at “Azerrail”

31 August 2023 07:14
Head coach of the Kazakhstan national team at “Azerrail”

The new head coach of the men’s team of "Azerrail" has been determined.

According to İdman.biz, the head coach of the Kazakhstan national team, Boris Grebennikov, will coach the Baku club.
After a certain break, "Azerrail" will compete in the Azerbaijan High League among men’s volleyball players. The formation of the team has already started for a confident performance in the championship.

For the development of "Azerrail", which will be mainly composed of young people, an experienced specialist has been involved in the club. For this reason, Boris Grebennikov was entrusted with the post of head coach in the team. A 1-year contract was signed with the coach who has the citizenship of Kazakhstan and France. He was given the task of bringing "Azerrail" to the top and winning new names for the Azerbaijan national team as the main goal. At the same time, Grebennikov will continue his work as the head coach of the Kazakhstan national team.

As for the 65-year-old representative of Baku, he has worked in different countries. He worked as a coach and then head coach of the French men’s club Rennes. He won the national cup for this team. After the specialist, he was "behind the steering wheel" of such big teams as "Gazprom-Yugra" and "Ural" in Russia.

The coach, who also works at "Etual du Sahel" in Tunisia, won the national championship and the Super Cup here.
It should be noted that the women’s team of "Azerrail" was entrusted to Cengiz Akarchesme.