Celebrities of the Baku World Cup: Stars and continent leaders - PHOTO

17 April 2024 15:38
Celebrities of the Baku World Cup: Stars and continent leaders - PHOTO

There are only a few days left before the start of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku. From April 19, all attention will be directed to the National Gymnastics Arena. Athletes from 42 countries will show their skills here. Among the guests of the capital, there will be first-rate stars and gymnasts who shine in their own continent and are already internationally known.

Idman.biz presents the interesting figurea of the World Cup in Baku.

Sofia Raffaeli: The Italian star Sofia won 5 gold medals at the 2022 World Championship in Sofia. She was a champion in all-around, ball, hoop and ribbon events, as well as team competition. The Italian, who won three silvers and one bronze at the World Cup in Valencia last season, won gold with balls and clubs and silver in all-around at the European Championship in Baku.

Darja Varfolomeev: The representative of Germany is a six-time world champion. She won her first gold two years ago in Sofia in the club event. The following year, at the licensed world championship in Valencia, she added 5 high-quality medals to her collection: all-around and all individual movements. She was also happy with the silver in the team competition. Varfolemeev won the European Championship in Baku by excelling in ribbon movement.

Eva Brezalieva: The Bulgarian national team will not bring its main stars Stiliana Nikolova and Borana Kaley to Baku. But Eva Brezalieva will perform here. She has already won her first serious successes. For example, last year at the European Championship in Baku, she won silver in ribbon movement and became the champion with the team. Yeva also won the title of winner in the team competition at the World Championship in Valencia.

Brezalieva also climbed to the podium several times at the World Cup in Baku last year. She was third in the all-around and third in hoops and second in ball and ribbon.

Polina Berezina: The five-time absolute champion of Spain made her senior debut in 2015. She won her first and so far only award in the world championships in 2022. She won bronze in the team competition in Sofia. Berezina also has a bronze medal of the World Cup.

Marina Malpica: The Mexican gymnast has had quite a rich career. She has 8 medals won at the Pan American Games since 2017. At that time, Malpika won bronze in the all-around and silver in the team at Dayton Beach. If we talk about victories, 2 years ago in Rio, she won the Pan American gold in the hoop, followed by the ball in Guadalajara.

Marina has repeatedly distinguished herself in the Central American and Caribbean Games. He finished last year's competition in San Salvador with 5 gold medals.

Aleksandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva: The Australian gymnast has been training in Baku for several years. The National Gymnastics Arena has become a second home for her.

Kiroi-Bogatyreva took the 33rd place in the ranking of the World Cup in 2021. She was the only Australian to compete at the world championships in Kitakiyusyu, Japan.

Alexandra is the winner of the Commonwealth Games. She has distinguished herself 5 times in this competition. In 2018, the Australian won bronze with ball and team in Gold Coast, and four years later in Birmingham, she won gold with clubs, silver with team, and bronze in all-around.

Zaki Feyzullayev