Arijali Nisha Negaka: "Young gymnasts in Azerbaijan have high potential" - INTERVIEW - PHOTO

7 December 2023 12:00
Arijali Nisha Negaka: "Young gymnasts in Azerbaijan have high potential" - INTERVIEW - PHOTO

Head coach of Dekai-Jakarta Rhythmic Gymnastics Association, Arijali Nisha Negaka from Indonesia gave an interview to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation. reports that, the specialist who is in the training camp in Azerbaijan said that he likes the National Gymnastics Arena very much.

- How many of your athletes participated in training at the Baku meeting?

- I came here with 3 gymnasts representing the youth age category. They are still 17 years old. Vini Sari, the coach of our senior national team, also participates in the training together with me.

- How do you evaluate the exercises in our country?

- Before our visit to Azerbaijan, I talked with our gymnasts and told them that they should be brave, disciplined, enthusiastic, and physically strong in training. Because the preparation here is very different from our country.

- What can you say about Azerbaijani gymnasts?

- Currently, I see many young gymnasts here. They are beautiful and have high potential for future competitions. Maybe someday they will compete in world-class competitions.

- How do you encourage your gymnasts to compete?

- First of all, they should be disciplined. The main thing is that they should set a goal for the future. They must believe that someday they will participate in a prestigious competition like the world championship.

- What does professional sports mean to you?

- My opinion about professional sports is that all referees should be fair in competitions and make decisive decisions.

- What is your best result as a coach?

- Our national team always gets gold medals in the championships held in Indonesia. We had gold, silver and bronze awards at the Sea Games. We still have no success in the Asian Games, and we are ranked 15th in the continental championship.

- What are your thoughts about the National Gymnastics Arena?

- It's great. The hall is very clean. Coaching is top notch. They are very professional. The living rooms are also nice. Doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, in short, everyone takes care of our gymnasts. Coaches provide comprehensive assistance for the improvement of our athletes.