Olavio Juninho in the "Big Five" - ANALYSIS

28 May 2024 18:22
Olavio Juninho in the "Big Five" - ANALYSIS

Olavio Juninho was the best scorer of the finished 2023/24 season of the Azerbaijan Premier League.

Idman.biz reports that the Brazilian legionnaire of Qarabag finished the season with 20 goals.

The 27-year-old striker achieved this in 35 matches. The South American is the 5th legionnaire who has scored at least two "ten" in the history of Azerbaijan championships. These foreigners formed the "Big Five" of the history of the race.

Our Badri

Badri Kvaratskhelia was the first legionnaire to reach the 20-goal barrier in the Azerbaijan championship. It is true that even though the Georgian nationalized and appeared in Azerbaijan national team, it is clear as day that he is a legionnaire. The father of Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, who is not sparing his opponents in the A series at the moment, was excited in the 1997/98 season. The Georgian forward scored 20 goals at the age of 33. Badri, who shone in Kepez, scored as many goals as Olavio, but he did so in only 22 matches.

An unattainable peak

The legionnaire who scored the most goals in the season in the Azerbaijan championships is Nicholas Canales. The Chilean discovery of Neftchi was distinguished 26 times. The South American, who became a nightmare for his opponents, achieved this feat in the 2012/13 season. The 28-year-old legionnaire scored 26 goals in 31 matches.

The record holder of Qarabag

Reynaldo Silva was the legionnaire who scored the most goals of Qarabag in the season. He was inspired by the season in which Canales shined. The Brazilian scored 22 goals. Reynaldo signed the second result of the Azerbaijan championships for the legionnaires. In the 2013/14 season, the passionate samba player participated in 31 matches just like Nicholas.

Unlucky bomber

Other legionnaires who scored 20 or more goals like Olavio, Badri, Nicholas, and Reynaldo also became the champion of Azerbaijan in their productive season. Junior Nildo is the only foreigner who ranks goals, but falls far, if not far, from the gold. He was more happy than Olavio and Badri - 21 goals. But the Brazilian was not lucky because he shined in AZAL, which did not claim the championship. Nildo, who scored 21 times in 32 matches, did it in the 2012/13 season. It was unfortunate that he was overshadowed when Canales rained down goals.

It should be noted that Olavio scored 20 goals in his debut season in Azerbaijan.

Vugar Kheyrullayev