New beginning for Rauf Aliyev - different and full of innovations

19 April 2024 16:24
New beginning for Rauf Aliyev - different and full of innovations

"Our preparations with the team continue."

Rauf Aliyev, former football player of the Azerbaijan national team, told

Rauf Aliyev, the coach of the lower age groups of Qarabag Football Academy, evaluated the call-up to the Azerbaijan national team in mini-football for the first time. According to Aliyev, who spoke at Inter on this topic, although the proposal made him think a bit, he gave a positive answer: "This will be an interesting start for me. Because there are certain differences between big football and current mini football. We have started training. Together with the team, our preparations continue in Montenegro."

He said that the mini-football team should be faster and more mobile: "We are playing in Inter in the championship together with veteran players. In this regard, I have not stayed away from football. Therefore, certain gaps can be eliminated with exercises. Of course there will be difficulties. But I have to deal with it. I think it will be a different and innovative period."

It should be noted that on April 30, the national team will participate in the tournament in which Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Montenegro and Albania will participate.

Banuchichek Huseynli