Relationship Contract: “Those who don't comply with this...”

19 April 2024 15:32
Relationship Contract: “Those who don't comply with this...”

Endrick (17) and Gabriely Miranda (21) signed a formal agreement. reports that Miranda has announced this in recent interview with the PodDelas podcast.

Here are some of the clauses:

- A respectful and affectionate relationship

- Addictive behaviors and drastic personality changes are forbidden

- both parties are expected to frequently say "I love you,” as much as possible

- Certain words are prohibited dialogues

- Breaches would incur fines in the form of gifts

- Commitment to emotional exclusivity

- Strict prohibitions against arguments in public places or a change of personality

- Those who don't comply with this, arrive at the end of the month have to give what the other wants

It should be noted that the contract was initiated by Gabriely herself.