Record-shatters face off again - ANALYSIS

28 February 2024 14:33
Record-shatters face off again - ANALYSIS

A game will be held today in the Azerbaijan Premier League. reports that in the match postponed from the XXIII round, Qarabag will be the guest of Gabala.

The meeting between the leader of the championship and the outsider will also be remembered by the debut of Kakhaber Tskhadadze in the representative of the same name of Gabala. Returning to Azerbaijan after 9 years, the Georgian specialist will play a duel with Gurban Gurbanov in his first match.

Premier League record shatters
The match in Gabala will be a duel between two record-setting coaches in the history of Azerbaijan championships. The best local and international head coaches will face off after a long break. Gurbanov, who won 9 championships with Qarabag, holds records in Premier League games, victories and all possible indicators. The dominant player of recent years was satisfied with silver in only one of 10 seasons. Tskhadadze is a specialist who privatized all the records among the legionnaires. He also worked in Georgian Standard, which won 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in 6 seasons in Inter (now Shamakhi). The record holder, who will make his debut in his 3rd team, is the last foreign head coach to become a champion in Azerbaijan.

Rivalry started from Georgia
Gurbanov and Tskhadadze were rivals as far back as 1991. Alazani and Iberia, where they respectively wore the jersey, played in the same league in the Georgian championship. However, their real competition was in the role of head coach. The first such encounter happened in the 2008/09 season.

Tskhadadze broke Gurbanov's streak
Gurbanov, who was appointed the head coach of Qarabag in the summer of 2008, did not lose in two matches in his debut. Aghdam club started the 2008/09 season with a win, followed by a draw. The first defeat happened against Standard coached by Tskhadadze in the 3rd round - 1:2. The duel in the second round did not take place because the Georgian, who suffered the first defeat to Qarabag from Gurbanov, left the club in the winter.

The result was repeated 15 months later.
At the end of 2008, the Georgian who left Standard came to Inter half a year later. In November 2009, he entered the first duel with the specialist Gurbanov. This time, Tskhadadze's team won against Qarabag with the same score - 2:1. With this game, which happened 15 months later, the duels between the two experts started.

Gurbanov’s big advantage over Tskhadadze.
Qarabag and Inter competed in the championship for 6 seasons while these two specialists were head coaches at the same time. Gurbanov and Tskhadadze met 24 times in these meetings. Although the legionnaire won the first match, later Gurbanov gained a great advantage. Qarabag led by him won 11 times against Inter. The Baku club, including the first duel, was happy to win only 3 times. 10 meetings ended peacefully. Qarabag scored 27 goals, Inter scored 13 goals.

Goodbye to the victory
Tskhadadze, who won the championship in his debut season at Inter, resigned with one round left before the end of the 2014/15 season, after the silver medal had already been secured. His last match in the Baku club was against Qarabag. It is interesting that, as in the first duel between the two specialists, both in general and with Inter, this time, Tskhadadze’s team won 2:1 over Qarabag, which already secured the championship. As if showing hospitality, Gurbanov beat Tskhadadze, whom he lost in the first and last matches, in the period between these duels. Out of a total of 25 duels held against Gurbanov by the Georgian with two clubs, Qarabag won 11 times, Baku representatives won 4 times, and a draw was recorded 10 times. 3204 days after the 25th duel, experts will meet in Gabala.

The matches between the teams of Gurbanov and Tskhadadze:

23.08.2008. Standard - Qarabag - 2:1
07.11.2009. Inter - Qarabag - 2:1
17.02.2010. Qarabag - Inter - 1:1
27.03.2010. Qarabag - Inter - 1:1
01.05.2010. Inter - Qarabag - 0:1
11.09.2010. Inter - Qarabag - 1:0
04.12.2010. Qarabag - Inter - 1:0
12.03.2011. Inter - Qarabag - 0:2
24.04.2011. Qarabag - Inter - 1:0
14.08.2011. Qarabag - Inter - 1:0
20.11.2011. Inter - Qarabag - 0:0
04.07.2012. Inter - Qarabag - 1:1
05.05.2012. Qarabag - Inter - 1:0
08.05.2012. Inter - Qarabag - 1:1
03.03.2013. Qarabag - Inter - 0:0
13.04.2013. Qarabag - Inter - 3:2
09.05.2013. Inter - Qarabag - 0:0
04.08.2013. Inter - Qarabag - 1:2
20.12.2013. Qarabag - Inter - 2:0
16.03.2014. Inter - Qarabag - 0:3
05.07.2014. Qarabag - Inter - 4:1
16.08.2014. Qarabag - Inter - 0:0
29.10.2014. Inter - Qarabag - 0:0
04.02.2015. Qarabag - Inter - 0:0
22.05.2015. Inter - Qarabag - 2:1

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