Turkish head coach: "Bahcesehir College" seems to be the favorite in the game against "Sabah"

25 October 2023 10:51
Turkish head coach: "Bahcesehir College" seems to be the favorite in the game against "Sabah"

"Bahcesehir College" is the group's favorite. They are a team that won the FIBA European Cup."

Bedri Meric, head coach of "Ganja" basketball club, told Idman.biz.

He evaluated the game of "Sabah" against "Bahcesehir College" in the FIBA European Cup. The Turkish specialist explained the reason for his opponent's unsuccessful performance in the last matches and talked about the chances of the Azerbaijan's champion: I watched the last 3 matches of "Sabah". On October 29, they will be our opponents in the Azerbaijan Basketball League. "Sabah" is a very quality team. Its budget is much higher than the championship of Azerbaijan. But "Bahcesehir College" also has too many quality players who are making a name for themselves in this league. I believe more that the Turkish club will win this match. I think that "Bahcesehir College", which lost in the last 2 games, will have a different attitude to this match. This is a fight between two brother teams. Whoever wins, we will be satisfied. But I repeat, on paper "Bahcesehir College" seems to be the favorite".

An experienced expert who stated that he knows "Bahcesehir College" very well, also expressed confidence that the representative of Türkiye will finish the group successfully: "Currently, some basketball players of "Bahcesehir College" have lost their game rhythm due to injuries. Their game against "Nymburk" was a surprise for me. But the Czechs were very businesslike and fought hard. They did not allow "Bahcesehir College" to score many points. "I think that the Turkish team will show their game again after the injured player return to the team and finish as the leader of the group."

It should be noted that the "Sabah" "Bahcesehir College" match will start today at 19:00. The match will be held at Sarhadchi Olympic Sports Complex.

Emin Aga