"Sheki" was assigned to the Nigerian head coach

7 October 2023 15:22
"Sheki" was assigned to the Nigerian head coach

"Sheki" intends to start the new season of the Azerbaijan Basketball League ambitiously.

According to Idman.biz, with the purpose of this, the team has been taken serious measures by "Sheki"

The head coach of "Sheki" trusted the Nigerian specialist Alexander Ovoicho. This coach was transferred to the team at the initiative of the Azerbaijan Basketball Federation.

Although the team is not fully completed, there are already 12 basketball players in the team. 3 of them - Oduleye Adeboyo, Dibal Paul Solomon and Toyin Arosanyin Solomon - are Nigerians. The team signed a new contract with Tarlan Abdulazizov, Kamal Imamverdiyev, Mahammad Sadigov, Huseyin Askerli, Nihad Tagiyev, Idris Mammadli, Nadir Ahmadov, Zumrad Ankbazov and Emin Jafarov. Next week, "Sheki" will be joined by Lenda Dimersia from Congo and Clark Chriss from the USA.

It should be noted that "Sheki" will host its rivals in the city of the same name in the new season.

Emin Aga