The reason for Azerbaijan’s technical defeat

10 July 2024 11:07
The reason for Azerbaijan’s technical defeat

The reason for the technical defeat of the Azerbaijan national team in the Bordeaux stage of the Women's 3x3 basketball series has become clear.

According to the information given by Vugar Azimov, general secretary of the Azerbaijan Basketball Federation to, this was caused by the reappearance of players' injuries.

According to the institution's official, only 2 basketball players can appear in the team before the game against Spain: "Alexandra Mallenhauer was injured on the last day. Although we thought she would play, her injury worsened before the match. Dina Ulyanova suffers from a similar problem. While on the plane, she felt pain again and could not play. According to the rules, it is impossible to go to matches with 2 people, and because of this, our national team was given a technical defeat."

Azimov also announced the latest condition of the team's injured basketball players: "According to the doctors, they will recover completely in 7-10 days. Dina's injury in particular is already on the mend. But because of the Olympics, they should not be put at risk. I hope that there will be no new injuries until Paris 2024. But there will be no problem until the Olympic Games."

The Azerbaijani national team lost 9:17 to Bordeaux.

Emin Aga