Griffin Remy: "It is a great honor not to be forgotten in Azerbaijan" - INTERVIEW

22 May 2024 11:11
Griffin Remy: "It is a great honor not to be forgotten in Azerbaijan" - INTERVIEW

NTD-INDIGO basketball player Griffin Remmy gave an interview to the club's press service. reports that the American player evaluated the results of the season.

- How did the matches for the third place with Khirdalan go for NTD-INDIGO?

- This was my first season in the team. In this regard, I am not the most experienced member of the team. I have never played in third place matches. It was difficult after the defeat in the semi-finals. But the coaches did a great job and motivated us to play for the win. I'm still disappointed. We did not become champions, but I am proud that we fought as a united team. We found strength and won two matches in a row against a strong opponent.

- What do you think the team lacked in the semi-final against Khazri to advance to the final?

- I don't want to talk too much about these games. We just lost. But look, by what score did we lose both matches? The difference between the two games was 7 points. The second game went into overtime. I think we could have reached the final.

- How do you evaluate the season for the team and yourself?

- I am proud to represent this club. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to play in NTD-INDIGO. Head coach Tahir Bakhshiyev has always supported me. I am very grateful to him. And assistant coach Polad Hasanova. Of course, I also thank club president Bahram Abdinov. I had a great time in Azerbaijan. People here are very friendly. Everyone in the club was professional. NTD-INDIGO is one of the best clubs I have played.

- What expectations did you have before coming to Azerbaijan and to what extent were they fulfilled?

- The level of basketball was higher than I expected. I saw that there are many good players here. In a few years, I think there will be a very strong league here. Even now, the level of the league is quite high. I believe that local players will develop further. Young players have great prospects here.

- You will be remembered as one of the best legionnaires in the ABL and many consider you the best. How do you feel about such opinions?

- This is a great honor for me. I am grateful to everyone. I work hard on myself. But I do it to win the championship and to be happy with myself. Most people don't see it. Every day I came to the hall early in the morning. Muhammad Huseynli and Magsud Hummetov came with me. We worked out in the gym every morning. I am glad that I could help the young players.

- Do you have plans for the next season?

- I don't have any plans at the moment. Time will tell.