Murat Dikmen: "Playing 39 minutes and 38 seconds ahead of the score..."

6 May 2024 10:10
Murat Dikmen: "Playing 39 minutes and 38 seconds ahead of the score..."

"Sarhadchi fought very well in the playoffs. In the first match of the playoffs, we were very well organized both offensively and defensively. But our opponent played well in the second match. That day, we lost because we performed very badly in attack." reports that this was said by the head coach of Khazri Murat Dikmen.

In the playoff stage of the Azerbaijan Basketball League, the expert, who defeated Sarhadchi with a score of 91:70 in the 3rd match and advanced to the semi-finals, said that the match was very difficult: "Mentally, you need to prepare separately for each game. Here the scenarios are different. It was a match where both teams would give their all. We knew well how the opponent would play in which offensive system. We played great defense especially in the first half. Going into the break, the opponent had scored just 30 points. This is really very important. We took control by playing well in defense. Overall, leading 39 minutes and 38 seconds of the match showed that we had the initiative from start to finish. We will face NTD-INDIGO in the semi-finals. I think this stage will be tougher. Because every team has a championship goal. I hope that after that we will prepare even better and qualify for the final."

It should be noted that the first meeting between Khazri and NTD-INDIGO will be held on May 8.