Azerbaijani basketball stars: History in Hong Kong, on their way to Paris

15 April 2024 11:05
Azerbaijani basketball stars: History in Hong Kong, on their way to Paris

The women's national team of Azerbaijan in the 3x3 type of basketball has opened a new page in the history of Azerbaijan’s sports. reports that the team, the winner of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament held in Hong Kong, won the right to participate in Paris-2024.
For the first time in the history of Azerbaijan, the team will participate in the Olympics in sports. It is worth getting to know our girls who wrote this history. Two of the heroes who wrote the name of Azerbaijan in the list of the 8 strongest teams in the world are our students and two are nationalized players.

Integral part of Neftchi

Dina Ulyanova, who was born in Baku, started her basketball career in Azerbaijan. The 34-year-old player had the opportunity to play in Russia. In the last 12 years, she is an inseparable part of Neftchi, which she still performs.

Our Sandra
The surname of Mollenhauer is familiar to Azerbaijani basketball. When Scott Mollenhauer, who played in our clubs as a foreigner and later coached, moved from the United States to Baku, his 5-year-old daughter Alexandra also came to Azerbaijan. Her parents, who still live here, wanted little Alexandra to be trained by Azerbaijani coaches. Now 25-year-old Alexandra, who is living a legionary life in Spain Estudiantes, is considered one of the brightest students of Azerbaijani basketball.

Our Americans

Unlike Dina and Alexandra, 37-year-old Tiffany Hayes and 37-year-old Marcedes Walker are not students of Azerbaijani basketball. USA basketball players were nationalized in 2015 ahead of the European Games.

More Stars than titles

Ulyanova and Mollenhauer, have also achieved success in the Azerbaijan national team. They won the championship of the Islamic Solidarity Games twice. The couple won gold in Baku in 2017, and in Konya 5 years later. Walker was in our capital city, Hayes was in the champion team in Turkiye. 38-year-old Tatyana Deniskina, who has a share in both successes, is currently the team's reserve player. After starting a family with an Azerbaijani, the basketball player who has been living in Baku for almost 20 years can go to Paris as a reserve player.

It should be noted that our team defeated Chile 17:14, Mongolia 13:12 and lost to the Netherlands - 11:15 in the group stage in Hong Kong. Our girls won tickets to Paris-2024 after beating Hungary 21:19 in the semi-final and Poland 18:17 in the final.