Sabah will be the winner of the regular season: Miracle is not believable

13 April 2024 17:16
Sabah will be the winner of the regular season: Miracle is not believable

The winner of the regular season in the Azerbaijan Basketball League will be determined in the last round. reports that in the last game week, Sabah will face Khazri and NTD-INDIGO will meet with Sheki, the obvious outsider of the championship.

The top three teams have theoretical chances to finish the season at the top. However, it can already be said that Sabah, which is 1 point ahead of the other two teams, will finish the stage in 1st place.

The defending champion currently has 31 points in the XVIII round. Sabah leads each of its two closest followers by 1 point.

If Baku people lose in the last match and NTD-INDIGO wins, the number of points of all three teams will reach 32. Having defeated NTD-INDIGO twice (81:70, 83:79) and Khazri (84:80) in the first match, Sabah lost in the last round, but will be ahead of everyone in personal meetings between the three teams with 7 points. The other couple shared the victories among themselves. NTD-INDIGO won 86:71, Khazri won 89:85. That is, if the points of the three teams are equal, Sabah will have 7 points, Khazri 6 points, and NTD-INDIGO 5 points in individual matches.

In short, it is possible to declare Sabah the champion from now. Only in one case, this will not be possible. For this, not three, but two teams - Khazri and Sabah - should have the same points. In other words, Khazri must win, NTD-INDIGO must lose to the outsider. Moreover, Khazri must win by at least 5 goals. If there will be a difference of 4 goals, the overall goal difference will also be in favor of Sabah.

However, it is not realistic for Sheki to achieve a miracle, having lost all of its 16 games. In this regard, it is not credible that someone will deprive Sabah of the championship at this stage.

It should be noted that in the regular season, which consists of 18 rounds, the first 2 teams will go to the semi-finals, and the 3rd-6th teams will continue the fight in the playoffs.