Vugar Azimov: "The match against Chile was very important for us"

12 April 2024 15:50
Vugar Azimov: "The match against Chile was very important for us"

"Starting with victory was very important for us. This is a psychological factor."

Vugar Azimov, general secretary of the Azerbaijan Basketball Federation (ABF), told

ABF official, who watched live the game in which our team beat Chile 17:14 at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Hong Kong, commented on the victory. He said that the team duly fulfilled its obligations: "Tiffani Hayes in particular played a good game. To be honest, this match was very important for us. After that, the tension will decrease and we will probably play a better game tomorrow."

Azimov, who watched the match in which the Netherlands defeated Mongolia with a score of 20:7 from the arena, evaluated the opponents: "The physical condition of the Netherlands, the last European champion, is in good form, because they have played together for a long time, they understand each other very well. Mongolia is a very fast team. The girls of our head coach will prepare with the right tactics against these teams. If we lose one of tomorrow's games, we will leave the group. But we want to win 2 matches and face the 2nd of the other group. Our main goal is to win the tournament held here and get a license for the Olympic Games."

It should be noted that our national team will play its next games on April 13. Azerbaijan will face Mongolia and the Netherlands.

Emin Aga