Jeyhun Sultanov: "Everyone saw that our team is a better team than Estonia"

14 October 2023 14:22
Jeyhun Sultanov: "Everyone saw that our team is a better team than Estonia"

"Estonia is not our rival. As a team, we are a better team than them."

Jeyhun Sultanov, a former player of the Azerbaijan national team, told

Evaluating the team's 2:0 victory over Estonia in the qualifying round of EURO-2024, Sultanov said that the key point that draw his attention was the system change: "When we attacked, we had a 3-man defense. Elvin Jafarguliyev joined the attack. It was an interesting system and an interesting game. It is true that we played better in the first half. In the second half, 45 minutes, we passed the ball to the opponent and relied on counter-attacks, which is understandable. Generally, everyone saw that our team is a better team than Estonia."

İn addition to it, he said that his national team is expecting a tough match against Austria in the next match: "Azerbaijan national team can take points from any opponent at their own stadium. Austria is a good and fast team, but Estonia is not. I think it will be a good game. If the goal was to leave the group at the beginning of the cycle, it has become clear that it will not happen. We started the group games extremely badly. With the purpose of achieving this, the number of quality players should be increased both in the national team and our legionnaires.

The football specialist thinks that it is time for our national team to part ways with the head coach Giovanni de Biasi: "The Italian specialist has a lot to give us. But I still don't see anything. He just won 1-2. These should not be misleading. Today, if we want to leave the group with this team, we don't need a legionnaire coach, because it is impossible to leave the group with this team. It is better if there is a local specialist in National. Giovanni De Biasi should be thanked for the work he has done and continue with the local coach from now on. We need to see which group we will be in, who are the opponents, and then we have to decide who will be the coach."

It should be noted that the Azerbaijan-Austria match will be held on October 16 at the Republic Stadium named after Tofig Bahramov.

Emin Aga