Sabail international: "Azerbaijan surprises me, it is quite safe" - INTERVIEW

17 February 2024 09:40
Sabail international: "Azerbaijan surprises me, it is quite safe" - INTERVIEW

Sabail Portuguese midfielder Pedro Nuno's interview to website

- You are one of the most prolific players of the team with 7 goals in the Azerbaijan Championship. Does it have a special secret?

- There is no secret here. Working hard, focusing and eating healthy, that's it.

- You have played in Adanaspor before Sabail. Did the similarities with Turkiye help you adapt quickly to Azerbaijan?

- They are very similar countries both in terms of language and food. Yes, that's why it was easy for me to adapt here.

- How do you assess the level of the Azerbaijan championship?

- Azerbaijan's league is good, there is very interesting competition here. You don't know which team will win before the start of the game. While this seems to be a problem in most European championships, it is not for us.

- What do you like most in Baku?

- Azerbaijan surprises me in a good way, it is quite safe, the food is different from what I am used to and quite good. Overall, I really like it.

- In the best period of your career, you scored 12 goals in Moreirense. What are your goal goals in Sabail and is it possible to leave that period behind?

- In my opinion, no one works for himself, but for the team. Sabail points are more important than how many goals to score. I'm not a fan of goals.

- But after the end of the contract, would you like to reach a new agreement with the Baku people?

- I don't think about the future. I am currently focusing on Sabail. This club helped me a lot to get back into football.

Emin Aga