Kapaz player made a surprise to his fan: He couldn't hold back his tears - PHOTO

6 February 2024 22:11
Kapaz player made a surprise to his fan: He couldn't hold back his tears - PHOTO

Kapaz players made a birthday surprise for the fan.

Idman.biz reports that Huseyn Huseynli, who has turned 13 years old, sent an application to the club via the social media.

Wishing Kapaz success in the matches of the second part of the Premier League, the fan wrote that he would celebrate his birthday on February 6 and asked that his dream come true on this birthday. He said that he wishes to celebrate his birthday together with the players of his favorite football team. "Yellow-blues" fulfilled Huseyn's wish.

The teenager who greeted the guests at the door could not hold the tears of joy. Tural Rzayev, Ali Samadov, Junior Martins and Olavale Onanuga visited them to congratulate. His parents supported Huseyn, who lost his temper due to the joy of the pleasant surprise, and invited the guests inside. The joyous fan said during the conversation that he will never forget this birthday. Cutting the cake with his favorite football players, the young fan took dozens of commemorative photos and received congratulations.

Huseyn Huseynli said that this was a pleasant surprise for him as well: "I never expected that one day the players of the team that I have been a fan of, that I have been going to their games since childhood, that I support from the stadium, and perhaps my favorite players, would come and congratulate me on my birthday at our house. The biggest gift for me was that the team won against Araz-Nakhchivan. I would like to thank all the players who came to congratulate me on my birthday today. The biggest desire of the fans and the players of the team is probably to stay in the championship this year. From next season, our Kapaz will raise the name of Ganja and we will be in high places in the championship."

The invitation was also unexpected for the players of Kapaz. The players, who welcomed the invitation, signed it first. Ali Samadov said that he encountered such a thing for the first time: "That is how we come to the fan's house. It was nice for us. Although he is small, he is one of the big fans of Kapaz. When we just entered, we felt it and saw it in his eyes. We wish you good health and long life. Whatever he has in mind or intention, may God bring him to his desire."

Onanuga Olawale said that he also likes to celebrate his birthday: "I congratulate Huseyn on his birthday, I wish him a long life and a life full of success. Actually, I love birthdays. It is wonderful to share his joy on such a day."

According to Huseynli, he has been a fan of "yellow and blues" since his childhood. His father took him to the stadium to watch games when he was 5-6 years old. Since then, his love for football, Kapaz FC has a special place in his heart.