Azerbaijan's Brazilians - ANALYSIS

23 January 2024 14:22
Azerbaijan's Brazilians - ANALYSIS

The XIX round of the Azerbaijan Premier League was marked by the return of another Brazilian football player to Azerbaijan. reports that Raphael Utzig, former football player of Gabala made his debut in Zira.

The 28-year-old striker got a chance in the Premier League again after a break of almost half a year. This is the second Azerbaijani club of Utzig.

Only in Gabala

Utzig played in only one club in Azerbaijan until he came to Zira. He worked for the success of Gabala for three seasons. The striker participated in 81 matches during this period. Raphael has 15 goals.

The forward, who moved to his second club in Azerbaijan, is not the first player to take such a step. More than 100 Brazilians have played in the Premier League so far. Among them, there are dozens who perform in two clubs. But there were not a few people who wore uniforms in more teams.

Rocha's record

Leonardo da Silva Rocha holds the record for playing in the most clubs in Azerbaijan among Brazilians. Talented and Brasilian-type undisciplined South American played at 4 teams in the Premier League. Leo, who does not have many games, played only 78 matches. But this was enough for him to play in 4 clubs in 5 different seasons. The samba player, who appeared in Standard in 2007, soon changed Azerbaijan to Venezuela. Later, the international player who returned to Azerbaijan played at Inter in 2009-10, Baku in 2010, and Qarabag in 2011. This time Rosha, who left for the Brazilian club, came to Azerbaijan for the third time after two years and wore the Inter jersey.

Unreachable Denis

6 Brazilians who played in Azerbaijan, played in three different clubs. Denis Silva stands out among them. The defender, who spent a record 12 seasons in Azerbaijan, appeared in 271 matches. These two indicators are considered inaccessible to non-nationalized Brazilians. The South American, who played for Khazar Lankaran in 2008-10 and Neftchi in 2010-12, returned to his homeland for a short time in both cases. On his third visit to Azerbaijan, the back line player, who played for Neftchi (2013-15) and Inter (2015-18), returned to Brazil 5 years ago.

Played twice in Azerbaijan

Junivan Suarez, Junior Osvaldo and Junior Nildo were transferred to Azerbaijan twice, Unlike Leo and Denis. But this was enough for each of them to wear uniforms in three clubs. In 2005, Junivan, who played in Turan, returned to Azerbaijan after playing in several clubs. This time he played in three teams - Olimpik (2007-09, 2010), Turan (2009-10), Kapaz (2010-12).

Junior's career in Khazar Lankaran (2007-11) and Baku (2011-12) was quite successful. But after his return, he was a shadow of the previous midfielder in Kapaz (2015-16).

Like Junivan and Junior, Nildo's main successes were in his first clubs. The former striker of Olympic (2012-13) and Khazar Lankaran (2013-14) was not as successful at Inter (2014-15) after returning to Brazil.

In three clubs at once

Only one of the Brazilians who played in at least three clubs in Azerbaijan played continuously. This player is Mario Sergio. The football player who joined to our country in 2008 showed himself in Khazar Lankaran (2008-10). However, the South American who later played at Inter (2010) and Simurg (2011) was not remembered well in these clubs.

Diego the unusual

Diego Gusmao, who came to Khazar Lankaran at the same time as Mario, also played in three clubs in Azerbaijan. But his Premier League career stands out from all the rest. He came to our country three times, like Leo and Denis, who wore uniforms for six seasons in our championship. Gusmao, who was transferred to play in one club at a time, chose Azerbaijan with big breaks. Four years after leaving Khazar Lankaran (2007-11), the Brazilian performed in Zira (2015), three years later he played again in the Premier League, this time in Kapaz (2018-19).

Our Ramin and the scorer

We should note the two compatriots of the seven Brazilians who wear jerseys at at least three clubs in Azerbaijan. These are nationalized Fabio Luis Ramim and Leandro Gomes. Even Fabio's career in Azerbaijan, who changed his last name and wrote Ramin instead of Ramim in his uniform, took a breather. He played in MKT-Araz (2005-06), Olimpik (2006-08) and Baku (2008-12). Gomes, who is distinguished by his shooting qualities, has also played for three consecutive clubs. He changed Baku (2004-08) to Olimpik (2008-09), then the capital to Karvan (2009) and then returned to his homeland.

Vugar Kheyrullayev