Agil Abbas: "Hacken" has nothing to lose, so..."

14 December 2023 14:23
Agil Abbas: "Hacken" has nothing to lose, so..."

"I have always believed that "Qarabag" will win. I still think so."

MP Agil Abbas told

He expressed his opinion about the "Qarabag" - "Hacken" game to be held in Baku within the group stage of the European League. Agil Abbas said that the representative of Aghdam will win a confident victory over the Swedes today: "Qarabag" will qualify for the playoffs. "Hacken" has nothing to lose. Therefore, they will do everything in their power to make us lose. Their efforts will be left to themselves. For this reason, we are waiting for a tough fight. But it has no meaning. "Qarabag" will end this match with victory in any case. I can't give an opinion about the score of the match. I don't have a clear prediction about this. But you have to focus on to win. I believe that the victory will be ours."

It should be noted that the match between "Qarabag" and "Hacken" will start at 21:45 today. The champion of Azerbaijan will advance to the playoffs in the European League if he will keep his place in the second tier.

Banuchichek Huseynli