Brother match in the Azerbaijan championship: "He is not a foreigner to me"

2 February 2024 12:37
Brother match in the Azerbaijan championship: "He is not a foreigner to me"

"Despite my ankle injury, I had a good match. I got the result I wanted."

At the U-20 Azerbaijan Championship, Davud Mammadov (77 kg), who took home a gold medal in the Greco-Roman division, told

The 19-year-old athlete commented on his victory. The winner of European and world championships among juniors and European champions among juniors said that he fought against strong opponents: "The wrestlers I met in 3 out of 4 matches were medalists of the world and European championships. In the final, I faced the world champion Kenan Abdullazade. Since we know each other well, I chose a different tactic against him. My goal in the future is to become a champion in international competitions. Of course, the Summer Olympic Games are among them."

Davud touched on his encounter with his brother in the championship and mentioned the names of athletes whose style he likes the most: "My brother Javad Mammadov showed himself very well in this competition even though he was 16 years old. I think that if we were in separate groups, we would have met him in the final. When it comes to feelings when wrestling with him, he is my native. I see Rafig Huseynov and Ulvi Ganizade as my examples in the main national team. They are not my weight. But if I wrestled with both of them, I would be very proud."

Emin Aga