Towards Paris: 20th Olympics for Azerbaijan – ANALYSIS

15 April 2024 17:57
Towards Paris: 20th Olympics for Azerbaijan – ANALYSIS

The number of sports that Azerbaijan will be represented at the Summer Olympic Games has reached 20. reports that Azerbaijan, which will participate in the most prestigious multi-sport competition of the quadrennial for the 8th time in the history of independence, will make a debut in basketball in Paris-2024.

Azerbaijan was represented in 19 different types in the previous 7 similar competitions, not counting the types of gymnastics (sports, artistic and trampoline), wrestling (freestyle, Greco-Roman and women) and shooting (stand and shot) separately. Basketball, which will be the first team type, will fall on this list as 20th. If we consider the different branches of the mentioned three sports separately, this number reaches 25.

Big Six
Azerbaijan was represented in all previous Olympics in 6 sports. Four of them have already been licensed to Paris. Boxing, wrestling, shooting and athletics have already reached 8. We participated in 7 Olympic Games in judo and swimming. There is no doubt that both types will rise to 8 in the French capital.

Sports of the 21st century
Both sports have received a license for Paris-2024, which is the 6th such event in a row. Only in the last century - in 1996 and 2000, we were not represented in those species. These types of development in the XXI century are gymnastics and taekwondo.

7 branches in Paris-2024
Azerbaijan’s athletes have already won 17 tickets to the French capital. These include 6 sports. It's basketball's turn to join the "four" and two sports of the XXI century, which we will represent for the 8th time in a row. Our women's 3x3 national team has written history.
Our national team, which was represented in more types in the previous games, has the opportunity to increase the number this time as well. You can expect licenses from judo and swimming, as well as fencing, triathlon and badminton.
Atlanta-1996 – 9
Sydney-2000 – 8
Athens-2004 – 10
Beijing-2008 - 10
London-2012 – 14
Rio-2016 – 14
Tokyo-2020 – 13
Paris-2024 - 7

We have been represented in different numbers in other sports that Azerbaijan has sent athletes to the Olympics. In weightlifting and fencing, this number is 5. If our athletes missed the last two Olympics, our musketeers went to the multi-sport competition intermittently. The series of our cyclists who participated in the last three tournaments will be broken in Paris. For our team, which is going to two Olympic Games in five sports, if horse riding and diving have almost moved to the memory of history, we can count on canoe-sprint and rowing. But triathlon can give our country the thrill of the Olympics for the 3rd time in a row. Of archery, karate and badminton, where we have only one such participation, only the latter is likely to go to France.

Vugar Kheyrullayev