The number of licenses of Azerbaijan in Paris-2024

23 January 2024 10:16
The number of licenses of Azerbaijan in Paris-2024

The probability table with the number of licenses for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games has been announced. reports that international experts predict that Azerbaijan will win 42 tickets to the French capital.

It is expected that Azerbaijan will be represented in 12 sports in the most prestigious multi-sport competition of the quadrennial.

According to forecasts, wrestlers should traditionally be the majority in the team - 11. 10 licenses of our judo nation are considered real.

It is predicted that 6 tickets will be available in rhythmic gymnastics and 3 in boxing. In athletics, badminton, sports gymnastics, swimming, this number is equal to 2. Experts believe that our representative at the Olympics will consist of one person in trampoline gymnastics, shooting, taekwondo and triathlon.

It should be noted that currently the Azerbaijani athletes have won 9 licenses in 6 types. These are Ruslan Lunev (Azshot put, 10 m), Murad Allahverdiyev (boxing, 80 kg), Mahammad Abdullayev (boxing, +92 kg), Anna Skidan (athletics, fencing), Zohra Aghamirova (rhythmic gymnastics), Magomedkhan Magomedov (freestyle wrestling, 97 kg), Sanan Suleymanov (Greco-Roman wrestling, 77 kg), Hasrat Jafarov (Greco-Roman wrestling, 67 kg) and Gashim Magomedov (taekwondo, 58 kg).