Khayal Janiyev: "It will be an interesting fight, I want to win the belt" - INTERVIEW

18 November 2023 19:02
Khayal Janiyev: "It will be an interesting fight, I want to win the belt" - INTERVIEW

Interview of Azerbaijani MMA fighter Khayal Janiyev to website

- On November 24, you will fight Iranian Modjtaba Taravati in Thai. What is the reason for returning to this sport after a certain period of time?

- I said that I will fight in MMA if there are many prospects. I prefer it more. But I accepted it because a good offer came from muaythai. I will compete in the tournament in Chelyabinsk for the championship belt. The fees are also very good.

- What are your expectations from this fight?

- I am ready for battle, I have had a very good training camp. It will be an interesting and interesting meeting. I will try to win and win the belt and make those who believe in me happy.

- How will fighting in Muay Thai again affect your MMA career?

- It won't have any effect. Although I have been preparing for this tournament, I have not abandoned my Mixed Martial Arts training. After the match in Thai, we will return to MMA and continue according to the plan.

- Who will be your next fight in MMA?

- There is no accurate information yet. I want to have a meeting in December. But the opponent is not completely known. Negotiations are underway.

- Did you watch the Landmark 7 Tournament of "Rizin" organization held in Baku?

- I watched some fights. I talked to my friends who performed there. Everyone had a good impression. Baku hosted the competition in a great way. Some of our fighters were sad, some were happy. It's a sport. There are definitely winners and losers. The main thing is to come out strong in the next fight.

- If you get an offer from "Rizin", would you like to fight?

- If the "Rizin" fights are held in Baku again, I would like to perform with pleasure. But if it's in another country, I'll think about it. Because there are other leagues that I can participate in. This is the work of the future.

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