Ceremonial Weigh-in before the "Landmark 7" Tournament - PHOTO

2 November 2023 21:18
Ceremonial Weigh-in before the "Landmark 7" Tournament - PHOTO

The Ceremonial Weigh-in and Staredown of the "Landmark 7" Tournament, which will be held on November 4, was held at the National Gymnastics Arena.

Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the founder of "Rizin" Fighting Federation, spoke first at the event, Idman.biz reports.

He said that holding this international tournament in Baku is an honor for the institution he represents. Sakakibara followed by inviting everyone to enjoy the event.

Then, the athletes' Ceremonial Weigh-in and Staredown was held. It was the scene of interesting scenes.

It should be noted that in "Landmark 7", a competition of "Rizin" Federation, the main fight of the night will take place between Vugar Karamov and Japanese Chihiro Suzuki.

Emin Aga