Vugar Karamov: "We had a good training camp with leading MMA fighters in the USA"

19 October 2023 15:05
Vugar Karamov: "We had a good training camp with leading MMA fighters in the USA"

"It's been 5 days since we returned from the USA, where we prepared for the last month. "The process was good because all the leading athletes and coaches were there."

This was said by Vugar Karamov, the owner of the title of Lightweight Champion of the Japanese "Rizin" organization, in an interview to

He expressed his views on the "Landmark 7" Tournament, which will be held on November 4 at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku. Karamov will have to defend his title against his Japanese rival Chihiro Suzuki. He said that he and his teammates are fully prepared for the Tournament: "I think that our team is well prepared, the most important thing is not to get injured. Now all that remains is to prepare yourself for the tournament. A week ago, we were already on a diet and at the same time we are doing two exercises a day."

Vugar also spoke about the gym where the team trains in the USA: "There are two leading gyms in the States: "American Top Team" and "Kill Cliff" in Miami, where we are located. At that time, all the leading athletes were training there and preparing for their competitions. In this sense, we were lucky that we had a good training camp with them."

Karamov added that the "Rizin" event in Azerbaijan is a great event for both the fans and the entire team, which is entering the final stage of preparation: "This is a big plus for the development of MMA in Azerbaijan."

It should be noted that the "Landmark 7" Tournament will be held on November 4.

Zaki Feyzullayev