The first winners will be determined at the European Cup in Baku

4 May 2024 11:20
The first winners will be determined at the European Cup in Baku

The first European Cup in rhythmic gymnastics held in Baku continues. reports that the first winners of the tournament will be announced on the second day of the competition.

In the morning session, the teams will perform group exercises. The Azerbaijani national team consisting of Laman Alimuradova, Zeyneb Hummatova, Kamila Aliyeva, Darya Sorokina, Gullu Aghalarzade and Yelizaveta Luza will perform two movements of multi-sport. Azerbaijani team will show their skills first with 5 hoops, then with three ribbons and two balls.

After that, the final round of the all-around among individual gymnasts will take place. Based on the results of the qualification round, 16 gymnasts who qualified for Cross Battle will continue the competition. Azerbaijan's representatives Zohra Aghamirova and Kamilla Seyidzade will compete in the Olympic system stage.

Aghamirova will meet Romanian Kristina Dragan in the 1/8 finals. They will try to win the action with the hoop.

Seyidzade will face Stiliana Nikolova from Bulgaria. Both gymnasts will perform with the ball.

The young gymnasts who will join the competition today will compete in the qualification stage of the all-around. Azerbaijani athletes Fidan Gurbanli, Govhar Ibrahimova, Ilaha Bahadirova and Shams Agahuseynova will compete for the finals in both individual sports and in the team competition.