New Year's show at the National Gymnastics Arena - PHOTO

28 December 2023 11:46
New Year's show at the National Gymnastics Arena - PHOTO

The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation traditionally ended the season with a colorful New Year's performance.

According to, Mehriban Taghiyeva, the winner of the Special Olympics held in Berlin and three-time bronze medalist, and Farid Ociyev, the participant of this tournament, performed with demonstration numbers.

Then the aerial gymnastics composition performed by Sabina Mammadova was shown. Then the Special Olympics team took the stage for the first time.

Later, the quartet consisting of Siyana Vasileva, Aliya Pashayeva, Ayşan Bayramova and Diana Ahmadbeyli appeared on stage and performed a number that officially ended their sports careers.

At the same time, the theme of the New Year's performance with the participation of athletes, coaches and choreographers was the plot lines of the famous cartoons Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Alice in Wonderland and the movie The Hundred and One Dalmatians. The participants showed brilliant performances, the decorations replaced each other, and the audience followed the development of the events with interest and greeted each performance with applause.

Zaki Feyzullayev