Nariman Abdullayev: "This was the best championship in recent years, he managed to surprise us" - INTERVIEW

11 December 2023 14:11
Nariman Abdullayev: "This was the best championship in recent years, he managed to surprise us" - INTERVIEW

The interview of Nariman Abdullayev, the head coach of the Azerbaijani national team of male boxers, to

- The Azerbaijan Boxing Championship among man has ended. How would you rate the race?

- The championship was held at a very high level. Because many of our young athletes competed here. Thanks to the tight fight, almost every boxer fought to the end. I would say that it was the best championship organized in recent years, both in terms of organization and fights. In the competition, progress was recorded in the number of teams and athletes.

- Which of the team members' performance was unexpected for you and who did not justify themselves?

- Seyid Seyidov(86 kg) showed a very good performance. He faced experienced Eldar Guliyev in the final. The first 2 rounds of intense transition. But he took the initiative in the last part and managed to win. Also, he showed very good technique. Since Seyidov is young, we did not expect this result. But he managed to surprise us. Our other boxer Malik Hasanov participated in many international tournaments. Although we expected a high result from him, it did not happen. Although Tayfur Aliyev increased his weight from 60 kg to 63.5 kg, he won the title of the strongest of this weight by winning over Hasanov. He won the gold medal many times even in 60 kg. It was a sensation for us.

- You mentioned the names of Malik Hasanov and Eldar Guliyev, who are considered the leaders of the team. Umid Rustamov (57 kg), a member of the national team, could not become the champion...

- Literally, it came from high competition. Our mentioned athletes continue training in their clubs. But we still keep them under control. It is possible that these mentioned boxers were negligent in their training. This is how it turned out.

- Seyid Seyidov, whom you mentioned as a talented boxer, was also chosen as the best of the championship. Do you think he will be able to continue his success?

- Yes, I specially mentioned Seyid Seyidov as the find of the championship. We believe that he will be able to show himself well in the next competitions. We really liked his performance during the race. The final battle was also very interesting and was applauded by those in the hall.

- Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games are coming soon. Considering that new boxers are among the prize winners in this competition, how many licenses can we win for the competition?

- Boxing has an unexpected shock factor. That is, the athlete can be knocked out even when he doesn't want to. That's why it's hard to talk about it. So far, we have won the license in 2 out of 7 weight classes. We believe that the number will increase. At least three more passes can be obtained.

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