Amil Hamzayev: "We didn't put much effort to defeat Armenia"

8 June 2024 16:01
Amil Hamzayev: "We didn't put much effort to defeat Armenia"

"It was an easy game for us."

Amil Hamzayev, the captain of the Azerbaijan national team in the 3x3 type of basketball, told

The experienced basketball player evaluated the victory over Armenia in the first game of the qualification stage of the European Cup held in Kosovo: "Opponent's were young and they played for the first time in the 3x3 format. They were not well versed in the rules either. I got more points than everyone else. We will try to do our best in the upcoming games. We defeated Armenia without much effort."

Hamzayev said that his goal is only to win the tournament: "We will face Kosovo in the second game. This game will be more intense. They are both the home team and the better team. We will try to win all our games. Because the winner of the 1st place goes directly to the semi-finals. We have achieved this and we want to play 1 less game tomorrow.

It should be noted that today our national team will face the teams of Kosovo, Cyprus and Albania.

Emin Aga