Yunis Huseynov rated the national team's performance in EURO-2024 - INTERVIEW

20 November 2023 19:38
Yunis Huseynov rated the national team's performance in EURO-2024 - INTERVIEW

Interview of Yunis Huseynov, the former captain of the Azerbaijani national team, on website

- How did you react to the 0:5 defeat of our national team to Belgium after the victory over Sweden in the EURO-2024 qualifying?

- Our team won a great victory over Sweden. For this reason, they went to the game with Belgium in a good mood. Like everyone there, I thought it would be difficult. Defeat was expected. But I didn't expect that.

- Eddy Israfilov received a red card in the game against Belgium. Do you think his unnecessary "yellows" were needed?

- Eddy Israfilov was the main reason for the defeat. He got 2 unnecessary yellow cards in the first part of the game. I think it is not necessary to call him to the national team after that. If a football player plays in the national team, he must show all his strength. I don't see those feelings in Eddie. It's like he's forced to play. The team did more harm than good. Belgium is a very strong team. Playing against them with 10 footballers could have been even more tragic. The main task in the second half was not to concede too many goals. The players also coped with it.

- The team finished the group in 4th place with 7 points. If you rate the cycle out of 10, how would you rate the team?

- I would give 5. I rate the output 50/50. We want Kazakhstan's national team to beat Slovenia today at EURO-2024. I think that if we make the playoffs in the Nations League, we can show ourselves in a better way. It is possible to get a result between the teams of Georgia, Greece and Luxembourg.

- The contract of head coach Gianni de Biasi is also ending. Would you like to see a local or foreign specialist in the national team in his possible departure?

- I am always in favor of having local specialists in the national team. If there will be no local coach, if we will rely on foreign coaches again, then it is better if De Biasi stays. If another foreign head coach comes, he will need time to get to know the team again. So we will lose another 2-3 years. For this reason, if the foreigner is trusted again, I am in favor of the Italian staying.

- As a professional coach, how do you feel about Gianni de Biasi's unpleasant remarks to journalists at the press conference?

- I have great respect for journalists. The expressions used by the Italian against them are unacceptable. Any head coach must answer every question from journalists at a press conference. If there is an incident there, it is not correct.

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