Janne Andersson: "Azerbaijan won a merited victory"

17 November 2023 09:26
Janne Andersson: "Azerbaijan won a merited victory"

"The match took place with the advantage of the Azerbaijani national team and won a merited victory."

According to Idman.biz, this was said by the head coach of Sweden, who lost 0:3 to Azerbaijan in the EURO-2024 qualifying, Janne Andersson.

The experienced specialist noted that Azerbaijan has professional footballers. Andersson said that it was difficult to change the run of the match after the two goals scored earlier: "There are professional footballers in the Azerbaijan national team. The opponent scored early goals. From then until the end of the game, it was very difficult to change the situation in our favor. I congratulate the players of Azerbaijan on the victory."

The head coach of the Swedish national team also commented on the brilliant goal scored by Emin Mahmudov from a distance: "Football players should be as careful as possible during such shots. The third goal was scored very well."