"Gabala" head coach: "We won a worthy victory"

25 October 2023 23:05
"Gabala" head coach: "We won a worthy victory"

"After the first game, we knew that our opponent is very strong. It was a team with quite dangerous players."

"Gabala" U-19 team head coach Famil Khalilov told Idman.biz.

He evaluated the game with a 1:0 win over "Puskas Academy" (Hungary) in the UEFA Youth League. Khalilov said that after the first match at home, analyzing the opponent's strengths and weaknesses played an important role in their victory: "The way we analyzed the opponent's playing style was the same. We had certain tactical tasks. Our players performed the tasks well. I think we won a deserved victory. Both teams had enough scoring episodes in the game. Only we could use it. After that, we think about the next stage. We are already waiting for our opponent. After seeing our opponent's game, we will determine how to work."

It should be noted that the match in Gabala ended with a score of 1:1. In the next stage, the opponent of "Gabala" will be the winner of the pair "Olympiacos" (Greece) - "Lecce" (Italy). In the first game between the teams in Greece, they won with a score of 3:1.

Emin Aga