Vadim Abdullayev: "Games removed these thoughts" - INTERVIEW

13 October 2023 16:21
Vadim Abdullayev: "Games removed these thoughts" - INTERVIEW reports that he evaluated the games in the first round of the Azerbaijan Premier League and talked about his next goals.

- The 1st round of the Azerbaijan Premier League has ended. How do you evaluate the performance of "Araz-Nakhchivan" who won 4 out of 9 games and drew in 2 matches?

- We scored 14 points, the number of points in our asset could be more. Although we gathered shortly before the start of the season, we managed to attract attention with our game and results. Most people were interested in how this team would perform, what it would be capable of... We were considered among the pioneers among the outsiders. But the games shattered those thoughts. We made a good impression. For this reason, we did our best in every game. We increased from game to game, and our results moved along a positive graph. To sum up, the first period was good for us.

- In which of the 9 games do you regret the points lost?

- In fact, the head coach wanted us to score maximum points in all games. The score requirement did not change according to the strength of the opponent. If we are on the field, we must win. However, there were matches in which we had a clear advantage during the 90 minutes, but we could not take it into account. I am very sorry for the meeting with "Sabail". Especially in the first half, we had complete control of the game, we missed at least 3 episodes of real goals. Instead, we lost near the end of the match.

- Will it be possible to maintain the position in the tournament table?

- We have great hope for this. Actually, if we can perform the tasks given in the exercises in the games, why is it not possible? If we do the right thing, our results will improve.

- After the break, the first challenge will be against "Gabala". What do you expect from the second duel with this opponent, where we won our first victory of the season?

- The head coach will give his assignments before the game. But if we come out, we have to win, regardless of who the opponent is. I always say that we will do our best on the field, God will give the result. We should be willing to the opponent, not in words, but in actions.

- By the way, you missed the victory in the game against "Sabah" near the end. Why couldn't you keep your account lead...

- The game was quite difficult. Today, "Sabah" is one of the 2-3 clubs in the Premier League with the strongest staff and made up of good players. Where there are quality players, skill always speaks for itself. Such teams are more dangerous when they fall behind in the score at home.