Tarlan Ahmadov: "Qarabag defeated Neftchi in all components of the Azerbaijan derby" - INTERVIEW

9 October 2023 19:24
Tarlan Ahmadov: "Qarabag defeated Neftchi in all components of the Azerbaijan derby" - INTERVIEW

Football specialist Tarlan Ahmadov's interview with Idman.biz.

- The "Neftci" - "Garabagh" game, held within the IX tour of the Azerbaijan Premier League, ended again with the victory of the Agdam club. How would you rate the match that ended with a score of 0:2?

- Both teams have their own name and history. Currently, the name of "Neftci" does not coincide with the game. In the Azerbaijan derby, a competitive game was played. But in all components, "Qarabag" surpassed "Neftci". After the victory in Sweden in the European League, the motivation of the Aghdams was great. Although "Neftci" should have played better as it hosted its opponent in front of its home fans, we did not see it. Moreover, Gurban Gurbanov's team entered the game with rotations. "Neftci" should have used it. But they lost to their opponents in all aspects. Most importantly, they could not keep up with "Qarabag" in terms of speed. In terms of thinking and game tactics, the "rogue horses" were very superior.

- At the beginning of the season, the game was challenging for "Qarabag". Can it be said that the club is in full form?

- "Qarabag" always has a bad beginning in the championships. This is the case in many clubs around the world. As the rounds pass, most teams raise. For some, it's the other way around, because they eventually run out of power. Every year, Gurban Gurbanov's team continues this trend. "Qarabag" is never physically weak. It just takes time for new players to adapt to the team. We can already say that things are in order in "Qarabag".

- In your opinion, what is the main problem of "Neftci" not being able to achieve the necessary result in the last games?

- "Neftci" has too many problems. They cannot show team play at all. New players are not capable of doing great things for "Neftci". The correct transfers were not made. As far as I can see, there is no friendly relationship between players and coaches. According to my observations from the outside, I can say that there is a dullness in the team's game. There is no such thing as a game called "Neftci". The leadership of the "whites and blacks" must deal with it.

- "Qarabag" is currently the leader with "Zira" and both have 19 points. How do you think it will continue until the end of the season?

- There will be many changes in the Championship. But "Qarabag" surpasses everyone at the moment. Although the "Gabala" team is in the lower ranks, they will also have their say in the next rounds. "Sabail" and "Araz-Nakhchivan" are also showing good football. As they get better results, their motivation and desire will increase. Everything will change during the Championship. There are still many games ahead. I think we will see who will be the champion with 2-3 rounds to go.

- What can you say about your career? Got suggestions?

- I haven't made any decisions about my career yet. I am waiting. Wherever they invite me, I will go and do my job properly. I did my job and finished it. They didn't want to continue with me even though I was doing well. This has already become natural in our football. I already had the same problem with the 3rd command. I openly admit that I have not received an offer from any club and I have not talked to anyone about it. I'm just analyzing the games right now.

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