Maksim Medvedev: "I am not going to work at..." - INTERVIEW

14 June 2024 13:11
Maksim Medvedev: "I am not going to work at..." - INTERVIEW interviewed Maksim Medvedev, former Qarabag football player, who finished his career

- Ending a career is not an easy decision. How did you prepare yourself psychologically for this?

- It was not an easy decision. Because İ have a rich career, I have spent a lot of energy for it. I always tried to do my best. But I realized that the end of my career was approaching. I started preparing myself slowly. All that was left was to finish the season at a high level. This was also received. We advanced to the 1/8 finals of the Europa League. We became the champion of Azerbaijan and won the national cup. I thought this year was the best time to end my career. Indeed, I was already tired of football. I needed a rest. I talked with the head coach and decided that it was time to end my career.

- You have dedicated almost half of your life to Qarabag. What was the main reason that attached you to this team?

- I graduated from the academy of Qarabag. At that time, Qarabag was not the current club. We were getting stronger little by little, and the results were getting better. Then Gurban Gurbanov came and everything got better. I always tried to be number one in Qarabag. I was a very ambitious player, I always wanted to be a leader. During those years, the fans also saw how I was attached to the team and how I fought on the field. They loved me for that. I loved the fans because they were always with us. They clapped and supported us both when we won and when we lost. They understood that we have a small budget, and we cannot bring top players, but we go out and fight with what we have. Both they and we persevered and eventually became the number one team. It cannot be said that some football players came, so today there are these achievements. We have come to this place by completing each other like a family with the fans. Today, when we go to Europe, two to three thousand fans come with us. If they had said that ten years ago, no one would have believed it. There are people from Baku who go abroad to support us by paying money from their own pockets. I love this club like my family.

- What is the best game or goal of your career?

- There were very interesting games in the camp of both the club and the national team. Therefore, it isn't easy to choose a game. Being a defender, I didn't have many goals, but the goal I scored against "Sheriff" is one of my best goals. In the national team, I can mention the goals I scored against Cyprus and Norway.

- Do you have many regrets?

- I would like to live the same career. I'm not going to lie, I could have done some episodes better. But I still have no regrets. Thankfully, I was able to play until the end and protect myself. I have not had any serious operational injuries during my career. I have always been a football player who took care of myself.

- How is your vacation?

- My rest is going well. Now I rest differently, I know that I don't need to rush anywhere and do extra training. I try to rest well, both physically and psychologically. Because there is a lot of work to be done. I have to be prepared for them. I am out of the country. Currently, I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I try to stay away from the football atmosphere so that my mind can relax a bit. I know what awaits me after returning to Baku.

- What are you waiting for? What are your plans for your career in general?

- Of course, I will not go and work in a bank after that. I will probably stay in football. Now I'm debating which way to go. Many people advise you to do it, do it. In the end, I will do whatever I want. After returning to Baku, I will ask the management how I can help Qarabag. You know that even if I stay in the team, I have to choose one of the different directions. I think that it is necessary to bring the lower age groups of Qarabag Football Club to an even better level. I have to share my experience with young people. The more experienced athletes are involved in the training process, the better it will affect our football. What I mentioned should be a proper system, not just what I want. I know that I will study and get a category as a coach. There are children of all ages in football and it is very difficult to work with them. When adults are told once or twice, they understand, but children's character and view of football is different. Training, life outside of training, proper behavior with teammates, etc. are very important issues. By the time they get to the main team, the kids have to be fully mature. I have not seen such a player who comes and let's say that it is possible to play in the Super League. As if something is missing. They have potential, but due to certain gaps, they cannot reach the top league. It needs to be worked on. In a word, from now on, I will try to do whatever I can for Qarabag.

Aytaj Sahed