Gurban Gurbanov: "We are not in ideal form"

11 February 2024 22:44
Gurban Gurbanov: "We are not in ideal form"

"It was a very entertaining game for the fans. There was a different Sabah in front of us. They changed the game system." reports that this was said by the head coach of Qarabag Gurban Gurbanov, who played a draw with Sabah (3:3) in the XXII round of the Azerbaijan Premier League.

The experienced specialist commented on the opponent's missed goals: "Nice goals were netted. I even cheered the opponent's third goal myself. It was a neat goal. I will not comment on Lunev's goals. The goalkeeping coach will look at it more. Maybe it wasn't in the right position. But Lunev is an experienced goalkeeper. Sometimes, you see that without such arms, the ability to think decreases. When you have such goals, you prepare more seriously for the upcoming episodes. There are shortcomings. We are not in ideal shape. If we are conceding so many goals, it means that there are deficiencies. The opponent had well thought out attacks. The team played carefully. I don't want to blame the defense line alone here. There were some shortcomings as a team. If you play in attack, it is normal to inevitably leave gaps. I don't remember so many penalties being awarded to our goal. Although we lost, we wanted to have more possessions. There were good scoring episodes. We will all benefit from the conceded goals."

The head coach of Qarabag is satisfied with the defense line despite conceding 3 goals. Gurbanov said that they will not have difficulty in getting motivated for the game with Braga: "I am satisfied with Bahlul and Badavi. Kevin Medina would have been better if he were healthy. The central defense line is such that we can't go wrong there. More careful and accurate work should be done. Europe Cup games are completely different. It is easy to motivate football players. Playing against the same opponent three times in one week is tiring. But I don't believe that it will affect the game with Braga. We had a preparation plan.

It should be noted that Sabah ended the 10-game winning streak of Qarabag