Former national team player has beaten his teammate

1 February 2024 13:02
Former national team player has beaten his teammate

A strange incident happened in the Substitutes League of the Azerbaijan Championship. reports that this was caused by the players of Turan-Tovuz-2.

This incident happened in the game Turan Tovuz-2 - Sabail-2 of the XX round. Budag Nasirov, the football player of the home team, and Elkhan Gasimov, the goalkeeper, had a fight. They were punished with a straight red card for hitting each other.

AFFA's Disciplinary Committee investigated the incident and suspended both players for 4 games. Turan Tovuz-2" will pay a fine of 300 manats for each player.

It should be noted that Budag was once a football player of the Azerbaijan national team, and although he is currently considered a member of the main team of Turan-Tovuz, he plays in the substitutes' team.