FIFA ranking: Azerbaijan will surpass Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique

7 January 2024 15:13
FIFA ranking: Azerbaijan will surpass Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique

The probability table for the first FIFA ranking of 2024 has been announced. reports that the approximate position of the Azerbaijan national team in the list to be published on February 15 has been revealed.

During the reporting period, matches of the Asian and African championships, as well as friendly matches, will be held with the participation of national teams. However, it is predicted that the Azerbaijan national team will advance even before these games take place.

It is true that our team, which is currently without a head coach, will not go to any matches. The score of our national team, equal to 1174.22, will remain unchanged.

However, serious losses expected to occur in other national teams will be in favor of the Azerbaijani national team. If there are no serious sensations in the upcoming matches, our team will advance 5 places. Our team will pass India, Guinea-Bissau, Thailand, Lebanon and Mozambique. In the list published in December 2023, our team, which will be the 114th on the planet, will be the 109th in the new table.

It should be noted that Argentina with 1855.20 points will maintain its leadership.