Araz-Nakhchivan head coach announced his transfer plans

7 January 2024 10:14
Araz-Nakhchivan head coach announced his transfer plans

"We will start preparation on January 12. We will be content with light exercises for 2-3 days." reports that this was said by the head coach of Azerbaijan futsal champion Araz-Nakhchivan Vitaliy Borisov.

In his statement to, he spoke about the winter training plans: "Physical training will begin on January 15. We will allocate space for tactical exercises in parallel with physical studies. We have to eliminate the problems that arose during the games we played before the winter break."

Borisov clarified the transfer plans: "There will be changes in the staff as well. Eric Dannilo, Khatai Bagirov and Isa Atayev left the team. We wish them success in their careers. We have to fill these gaps. We have had talks with 3-4 futsal players and we are waiting for them. We will definitely transfer to the Stolb position. Our other transfers will be attacking players. Because we have no problem with the defensive line. We are trying to finalize the transfers before the team's meeting."