Amil Yunanov: "It's not me, the head coach of Sabail knows the reason" - INTERVIEW

5 January 2024 09:00
Amil Yunanov: "It's not me, the head coach of Sabail knows the reason" - INTERVIEW

The interview of Amil Yunanov, the new transfer of Kapaz, to

- Although the transfer was not officially announced, you concluded the negotiations with Kapaz positively. How would you evaluate the decision to change Sabail to the representative of Ganja?

- Kapaz is a well-established club and has a good army of fans. They love football here. I believe that everything will be more successful for me and Kapaz.

- Can it be said that Sabail, which is among the leaders in the Premier League, has lost something by changing it to an outsider?

- Sabail is in the middle ranks in the tournament table. Although Kapaz is in the last stages, it is not a weak team. I don't think I'm missing anything. It will be good for me. I will get a chance to play more.

- What would you attribute the failure of your career in Sabail to?

- I didn't get a normal chance there, so to say, my game didn't work out. If we look at the matches I played, I think I made a good impact. I played in cup matches and scored goals. I tried to do my best in the matches I joined from the reserve. I just didn't get many chances, and the reason for that is not me, but the head coach of Sabail knows. I think I made the most of the opportunities given in the team.

- How do you assess the current situation of Kapaz?

- Currently, the club is in the last place together with Gabala. I believe that it will be better in the second round and Kapaz will get out of this situation. Because the representative of Ganja is not a team that deserves to be in the last ranks.

- What will be your main goal in your new club?

- My main goal is to help the team perfectly, to do my best for the success of the club. I believe it will be better for me too.

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