Scandal in Shahrudin's team: Nyang leaves the team

4 January 2024 09:00
Scandal in Shahrudin's team: Nyang leaves the team

Adana Demirspor player Nyang wants to leave because he can't get paid

Adana Demirspor football player Mbaye Nyang said that he has not received salary for 4 months. reports that Shahrudin Mahammadaliyev's teammate told the French press about it.

The Senegalese striker, who joined Adana Demirspor in the summer, announced that he wants to leave the team: "I am playing well, I am performing in the first 11 team. But there are problems with the salaries and it prevents me from sticking to the game. I want to leave the team and I have informed the management about it. I would like to return to France."

Murat Sancak, the president of the Adana club, reacted strongly to this news. He posted about it on the social network: "You are lying. You will not receive 1 euro. If you were to get it, you could break the contract and leave. You can bring the transfer amount. We are waiting for proposals."

It should be noted that Adana Demirspor has been confirmed to have financial problems. There are reports that Shahrudin Mahammadaliyev, the goalkeeper of the Azerbaijan national team, will leave the team.