Rafig Huseynov: "If Gurban Gurbanov is there, everything should be fine" - VIDEO

30 December 2023 17:03
Rafig Huseynov: "If Gurban Gurbanov is there, everything should be fine" - VIDEO

"We talked to Gurban Gurbanov at one of the events related to the performance of Qarabag."

Greco-Roman wrestler Rafig Huseynov, who is a guest of Idman.biz's new multimedia studio, said this.

The 35-year-old wrestler said that team sports are more difficult than individual sports: "The difference between team sports and individual sports is that you control only yourself in individual. You can easily see what he is capable of. In football, you watch 11 people and the coach from the sidelines and wonder what they are thinking. It is very difficult from this point of view. Although we are athletes used to excitement, there was special excitement only in the games of Qarabag. We wanted to call the group stage in the Europa League. Glad it happened. Aghdam people perform very successfully. I hope that in the coming year 2024, we will be happy to pass new stages and we will be proud that the name Qarabag is heard in foreign arenas.

Huseynov also emphasized that he believes in Qarabag in the European League playoffs: "Unexpected events happen a lot in sports. I am not saying that Qarabag is a weak team. But Braga is a club with well-known and experienced players. Nevertheless, because I know the players of our representative, I know with what determination and desire they will prepare for this game. It is the main desire in sports. Once that happens, it's much easier to get motivated. If the head coach of a team is Gurban Gurbanov, everything should be fine there."

It should be noted that Qarabag will play its first match against Braga in February next year.