Azerbaijani Football player: "Performing in this competition and scoring goals is very important for CV" - INTERVIEW

28 December 2023 11:16
Azerbaijani Football player: "Performing in this competition and scoring goals is very important for CV" - INTERVIEW

Interview of Azerbaijan national football player Vusala Seyfeddinova to

- Following the head coach Siyasat Askerov, you also left the Turkish club Fomget. What is the reason for this?

- I did not know that Siyasat Askerov would leave the team. While returning to Azerbaijan, I found out that he also left the club. I didn't expect that. Because things were going well. He brought the club to a very good level. The politics teacher is a very diligent coach. He deserves to work in even better places. I also left Fomget. Offers came from 4 clubs. The terms are what I want.

- You have said you received good offers. Do you mean financial or...?

- For me, the financial issue has always been second. The main thing is to see value in the club I play for. Teams interested in my service have very good staff. I am also satisfied with their financial situation. I also like the training bases. Since there was a break, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

- Can you reveal the names of the clubs that you have received offers from?

- Negotiations are underway with Turkish clubs. These are Asyaspor, Amedspor, Beylerbeyi and Fatih Vatan.

- Beylerbeyi, which ranks 4th in the Turkish Super League, is in the best position among these clubs in terms of the tournament table. Can this factor influence the choice?

- I don't think it will affect my choice. Beylerbeyi is a team with a good staff. I can play here too. But I haven't made my exact decision.

- Is it not a step backwards to leave Fomget, which is the leader among those teams?

- I don't think it will negatively affect my career.

- Looking back, how do you evaluate your performance in this club?

- I think I performed at a high level in Fomget. Because that's what people who watch my game say. The brightest moments of my career were spent in this club. I was a main team player. The matches I missed were also due to injury.

- Are you satisfied with the competition in the Turkish Championship? What has this country's championship earned you?

- The competition in the Turkish league is very good. Compared to previous years, this year is a stronger fight. With the exception of 1-2 teams, games against other clubs are very intense. My career here has given me a lot. It's a great experience. I played in the Champions League twice. When I played for ALG Spor, I also scored a goal in the continent's number one club tournament. I think that performing here is very important for a football player's "CV".

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