Vusal Iskanderli: "Armenians texted him how can an Azerbaijani football player play with you?" - INTERVIEW

23 December 2023 14:52
Vusal Iskanderli: "Armenians texted him how can an Azerbaijani football player play with you?"  - INTERVIEW

Interview of Azerbaijani footballer Vusal Isganderli, who performs in Albanian Egnatiya club to website

- In the Albanian Super Cup, we lost to Partizan with a score of 0:1. Although you were on the field for 90 minutes, you could not score a goal. What do you think prevented you from winning?

- Actually, we conceded a very ordinary goal. Although the goalkeeper who made the mistake is considered one of the strongest in Albania, he inadvertently saw the ball as his goal in this match. We had an episode to stand out. We also missed the penalty. Although we dominated the game from start to finish, we lost. I also had a good opportunity, but I couldn't use it. If we lose, I will not rate my game highly. We wanted to win and have the cup. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

- Tomorrow you will play the last match of the season in Albania. The opponent is Tirana. Are you first in the standings and what are your expectations for this game?

- We have a very good staff. We can be champions. This is our goal. Successful management affects our performance. The club has a very good president. The most important thing for a football player is financial situation. We have no problem with that either. The head of the club always tries to solve our problems. This is really very important.

- The club suffered a huge loss. How did you recover after the death of your teammate Rafael Dwamena?

- Yes, we lost our captain. After that it was very difficult. Here again, a lot of work fell on the president. He gave us great motivation.

- What are your most memorable memories about Dwamena?

- 1 week after coming to the club, we would go on a trip to Armenia for the European Cup. Both of us did not have visas. For this reason, we went directly to Istanbul. After the club arrived in Istanbul, we left for Armenia. After the return match, Armenian fans texted Rafael a lot, saying how can an Azerbaijani player play in your team? He also told me these things. He asked about problems between countries. I told him about their atrocities, the crimes they committed, and showed them their videos. After that, he started to respect our country.

- You are currently one of the most productive players in the team. Do you consider 6 goals in 17 games successful?

- I can be more productive. I believe I can score a lot of goals. Hopefully, I will do my best for it.

- What do you do in your spare time in Albania? What do you like most about this country?

- I used to stay here alone. Later, I started staying at the hotel with the club. In between, my teammates and I go to Tirana. I also often go to the cinema because I like to watch movies.

- It is winter break after 1 round. Thinking about staying at the club?

- I won't be able to say anything about it. There are both formal and informal offers. It is my transition to more real Turkish clubs. Apart from that, Polish and Romanian clubs are also interested in my service. But I will not mention a specific name.

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