Georgi Adamiya: "My best memories are related to "Neftchi" and "Qarabag" - INTERVIEW

19 December 2023 15:35
Georgi Adamiya: "My best memories are related to "Neftchi" and "Qarabag" - INTERVIEW

Georgian veteran football player Georgi Adamia, who played for "Neftchi", "Qarabag", "Inter" and "Baku" in Azerbaijan, gave an interview to website.

- How are you doing in the Georgian national team?

- It's good. I have been working for the Georgian national team for 5 years. I worked in the U-17 team for the previous 2 years. Then I work as an assistant coach in the U-21 national team.

- Are you watching the Azerbaijan championship?

- Yes, I am watching. I look at the tournament schedule, who is facing whom, and the results. When I have time, I try to watch the matches live. But to be honest, this rarely happens.

- Which of your teammates or coaches from Azerbaijan do you have a relationship with?

- I talk to Rashad Sadigov and Rashad Sadigov from time to time. I met Ilgar Gurbanov last winter. I try to see my former teammates when they come to Tbilisi.

- We have not protected the honor of 4 clubs in Azerbaijan. What was the most memorable for you?

- I have always said that my best memories are related to "Neftchi" and "Karabakh". I felt very good and comfortable in those clubs. But this does not mean that I felt bad in "Baku" and "Inter". "Neftchi" and "Qarabag" are completely different.

- What were the most memorable moments in your career in Azerbaijan?

- I have very good memories. I played in Azerbaijan for 9 years. Every year I increased my level even more. I especially remember the first years. At that time, 20-25 thousand fans came to the games of the Azerbaijan championship. There was a nice football atmosphere. It is impossible to forget them.

- Currently, the Azerbaijan national team is without a head coach. Do you think that the national team should be coached by a local or a foreign coach?

- It will not make a big difference whether the head coach of the Azerbaijan national team is local or foreign. The "rudder" of the Azerbaijan national team should be entrusted to a coach who is well acquainted with the mentality of the country and the nation. This can help him work well in the squad.

- But if an offer comes to you, will you accept it?

- Of course, if a specific offer comes, it can be discussed. I will gladly return to the country where I spent my best years.

- You are one of the most talented and unforgettable legionnaires who came to Azerbaijan. What would you like to say to those who still remember your game here?

- I love all my fans. They still remember me. I wish everyone success. I send my greetings to everyone.

Emin Agha