Bakhtiyar Musayev: "If Qarabag plays with their main team, Neftchi will win by a large margin"

18 December 2023 13:59
Bakhtiyar Musayev: "If Qarabag plays with their main team, Neftchi will win by a large margin"

"I try to watch all matches of the Azerbaijan Championship, but there are certain games I have higher expectations for. One of them is Qarabag - Neftchi match".

Bakhtiyar Musayev, a veteran player of the Azerbaijan national team, told

The Premier League's XVII round features "Black and White" playing against "Qarabag," according to Musayev. He added that if this match turns out to be interesting, the audience will also enjoy it: "I wore the jerseys of both teams. I performed in "Qarabag" for one season, and in "Neftchi" for more than 10 years. I have been invited to this club since I was 17 years old and I worked as a coach in "white and black". "Neftchi" it is very familiar to me. Whatever I have achieved so far, I owe it to this club. But in recent years, there have been so many negative situations in the team that it makes people cold. Today's unprofessionalism and wrong appointments lead "Neftchi" to the abyss rather than success. Because of all this, the future cannot be looked at with hope. I will be a fan of "Neftchi", everything in the club is at a good level, I can't say. Therefore, I hope that soon the club management will correct the mistake and return to the great "Neftchi" again. we can see the team".

Qarabag Musayev stated that his team has achieved continuous success in Europe and the local championship, and hopes that "Neftchi" will achieve this with the right strategy in the future: "The players may be tired since " Qarabag " played in the Europa League last week. For this reason, we do not know which team Gurban Gurbanov will take to the match. If " Qarabag " if he plays with the main team, he will win against "Neftchi" by a big score. In any case, I see the representative of Aghdam one step ahead. Because there are games that " Qarabag " although he does not compete with the main team in the local championship, he shows his strength to any opponent. Many say that there are two teams in " Qarabag ". Yes, there are competitive football players here in Aghdam. " Qarabag is doing so well that when other players are in the main team, they are irresistible to the opponents in the Azerbaijan championship."

It should be noted that the match between " Qarabag " and "Neftchi" will start on December 18 at 20:00.

Banuchichek Huseynli