Fariz Najafov: "Unfortunately, the team does not meet the expectation yet" - INTERVIEW

11 December 2023 17:00
Fariz Najafov: "Unfortunately, the team does not meet the expectation yet" - INTERVIEW

Interview of "Gabala" president Fariz Najafov to Idman.biz

- In the 16th round of the Azerbaijan Premier League, "Gabala" lost to "Kapaz" by a big score. What would you attribute the team's unsuccessful performance to?

- We are doing everything we can to help the team find their game and regain their confidence. From the beginning of the season, we have repeatedly emphasized that we trust the coach and football team. But unfortunately, the team does not meet the expectation yet.

- What do you think the main problems are caused by or from which positions?

- The problem is the same, it is not correct to divide according to positions. The only point I can improve is in the midfield. Asif Mammadov and Feras Abo Akel were injured from the beginning of the season, while Emil Safarov, Ahmed Isaiah and Ayyoub Allach were injured and suspended several times. This had a direct negative impact on the performance of our team.

- Considering the poor results, do you plan to strengthen the club during the winter break?

- Currently, it does not seem realistic that we will bring a new player.

- The club management has always supported head coach Elmar Bakhshiyev. Are you still not satisfied with his work?

- Although the result and the game were not encouraging, we are familiar with Elmar Bakhshiyev's quality as a coach. We will give him the support he needs to get out of this situation.

- Fans are used to seeing "Gabala" always in the top tiers. Will the current bottom team avoid being the underdog after the winter break?

- If we didn't believe in this, there would be no point in staying and working here.

- Then what can you show as the main goal?

- Now we are thinking about mobilizing all our strength, winning victories and moving away from the last place.

Emin Aga