Azerbaijani 17-year-old World Champion: "I won the title thanks to my faith" - INTERVIEW

4 December 2023 13:58
Azerbaijani 17-year-old World Champion: "I won the title thanks to my faith" - INTERVIEW

Interview of Ruzanna Mammadova (59 kg), World Military Wrestling Champion, to website.

- Despite the fact that you are 17 years old, you were able to make your mark in the World Championship held in Baku. How would you rate the path to the gold medal?

- I was satisfied with my performance in the World Championship. Since it was the senior competition, my opponents were more experienced than me. I held 3 matches, I won against athletes from Mongolia, Romania and Belarus. My most difficult match was against Romania. I would even call it an early finale. Although I was behind with the score of 0:3, I fought until the end and won a determined victory. When I was preparing to wrestle with the Belarusian athlete, I was comfortable and knew that I would win. There was also responsibility. I have overcome because of my faith.

- In addition to being in shape before the competition, were you psychologically ready for the championship?

- Yes. Before the competition, we participated in a 3-week training camp. We had heavy training. I was only focused on the championship. Because I wanted to circle the carpet with our flag in our homeland. Thankfully, I got what I wanted.

- Is there a special secret to your success since you were 17 years old?

- My coaches Solmaz Adilova and Togrul Asgarov always support me, create self-confidence, and instill the right training and regimen. I thank them for that. Although many athletes train well, they do not pay attention to the regime. This is one of the reasons for the defeat. The most important thing for an athlete is sleep and food. I fully comply with it.

- A more serious test awaits our wrestlers ahead. There are great expectations from you at the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games. Do you plan to reduce your weight to 57 kg and compete in license tournaments?

- So far, I have wrestled in 8 weight classes. I've tried almost too many weights and I've had success with all of them. Even if you see me wrestling at 76 kg in the future, don't be surprised (laughs). The coaching corps will make the decision regarding my participation in license competitions. I will respect whatever weight they want me to wrestle at. My main goal is to win a license for the Olympics.

- The guests expressed their satisfaction with the organization of the competition. What can you say about it?

- Indeed, the competition was held at a very high level and in intense competition. Therefore, I express my deep gratitude to the leadership of the State Border Service, Abbas Khalilov, Firdovsi Umudov, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Emin Aga